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National Workshop on Anticipating Skills Demand and Strengthening the Labour Market Information systems

The ILO finds that robust training policies and systems are ground in the characteristics and institutions of each country. Nevertheless, a number of common building blocks can be identified. A good skills development system will be able to: anticipate skills needs; engage employers and workers in training, including the specific sectors; maintenance of quality and relevance of training; making training accessible to all sections of society; ensure viable and equitable financing mechanisms; and continuously evaluate the economic and social outcomes of training. Labour market information consists of information on the size and composition of labour market and includes information pertaining to the two sides of the labour market, demand and supply, and how they interact with each other. LMI uses may range from assessing employment problems, fixing employment targets and identifying employment intensive technologies and investments, to assessing the relevance of existing courses and identification of new courses for educational development including identification of implementation needs, identification of eligible beneficiaries, etc. LMI is very important in anticipating skills damnd in the labour market. A number of methods are used to forecast future skills needs. These include forecasting occupational and skills profiles at various levels of disaggregation; social dialogue; labour market information system (LMIS); and analysis of the performance of training institutions, including tracer studies.

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When Feb 09, 2012
from 08:30 AM to 04:30 PM
Contact Name
Contact Phone +66 2 288 1780
Attendees National Training Board, Ministry of Labour, Vocational and Training (DGTVET), National Employment Agency, Cambodia Labour Confederations, Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Association, National Institute of Statistics
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Objectives of the workshop

 This workshop is designed to be a national follow-up workshop under the Japan funded 2010 Programme entitled “Addressing Skills Mismatch through PPP” and to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss on a structure that would help improve national knowledge on the analysis of future skill needs.  Throughout this workshop, the stakeholders will:

* learn on developments of the national action plan implemented by the tripartite partners as follow-up to the ILO/Japan Regional Workshop on Addressing Skills Mismatch through PPP

* identify  key conceptual and practical challenges of strengthening LMI and anticipating skills needs in Cambodia;

* present  international  good practices of how different countries anticipate skills supply and demand;

*learn about institutional arrangements on linkages and roles of employers and workers organizations in skills needs assessment and anticipation planning; and

* provide technical inputs in relation to the forthcoming ILO/Japan region al Workshop on Anticipating Skills Demand for sustainable and inclusive growth in Feb 2012 to be held in Sandai, Japan


Expected outputs

The workshop will consist of a number of technical sessions and discussions involving both local speakers and ILO specialists.  The tripartite participants of the 2010 Programme will share the national follow-up activities and implementation  based on the Action plan. Representatives from CAMFEBA and the trade unions will be invited to share their experiences. MoLVT/DGTVET and NEA will be the key government participating institutions.


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