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Alignment of NZ and Australian qualifications frameworks

Scoop (online), 4 December 2015 - Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce has welcomed the release of a report which aligns the levels of the qualifications frameworks of New Zealand and Australia.

Enhancing mobility – Referencing of the Australian and New Zealand Qualifications Framework was released today by the Governments of New Zealand and Australia. It will allow employers and education providers on both sides of the Tasman to make informed judgements on the comparability of New Zealand and Australian qualifications and makes it easier for learners and skilled labourers to use their qualifications in both countries.

“The report is the result of a two year qualifications referencing project between the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Australian Government Department of Education and Training,” Mr Joyce says.

“The report will be reviewed at regular intervals due to the constantly evolving nature of qualifications frameworks.

“This project aligns with the New Zealand Government’s vision of developing and sustaining mutually beneficial education relationships with other countries over the next 15 years.

“It also builds an understanding of New Zealand qualifications in Australia and Australian qualifications in New Zealand,” says Mr Joyce.

The project complements both the Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (CER) and the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement (TTMRA) between Australia and New Zealand.

A copy of the report is available HERE


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