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Cambodian, Chinese institutes sign cooperation agreement on vocational training

XinhuaNet, Phnom Penh, 15 November 2017 - The Industrial Technical Institute (ITI) of Cambodia and the Zibo Vocational Institute (ZBVI) of China's Shandong Province signed here Wednesday a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in vocational education.

The deal was inked by ITI's director Moan Sam Oeurn and ZBVI's Vice President Jiang Yilin under the presence of Cambodian Labor Minister Ith Samheng and Shandong Provincial Vice Governor Ji Xiangqi.

According to the agreement, the Chinese side will provide scholarships to Cambodian students to study vocational technical skills in the ZBVI, and both sides also agreed to establish a ZBVI-Cambodia Vocational Education Center in the ITI aimed at providing vocational training courses to employees at Chinese enterprises investing in Cambodia.

The agreement will be valid for five years, and it will automatically be renewed for another five years if there is no objection from either side.

Speaking before the signing ceremony, Ji Xiangqi said he was very pleased to witness the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two institutes, noting that ZBVI is among China's 100 best vocational training institutes.

"The agreement serves as a base for the two institutes to promote their bilateral cooperation in vocational education," he said. "This cooperation will not only provide vocational training to students, but also contribute to further enhancing Cambodia-China relations."

Ith Samheng said the cooperation agreement would significantly contribute to the development of human resources in Cambodia for a long term.

"I think that the cooperation agreement provides a new opportunity for the Cambodian youth to improve their vocational skills," he said.


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