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Piloting MRS in ASEAN: Myanmar and Thailand in Construction and Garment

Myanmar and Thailand leading the pilot implementation of the mutual recognition of skills in ASEAN by conducting the first benchmarking exercise on 12-14 June 2019 in Yangon, Myanmar

The ILO and Myanmar's Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population jointly organized the benchmarking exercises of national competency and skills standards, assessment, and certification mechanisms in the following mutually identified skills areas under the construction and garment sectors: (i) plastering, masonry, bricklaying and (ii) sewing machine operation, respectively.

Thailand's Department of Skills Development of the Ministry of Labour appointed a Working Group to lead and conduct the benchmarking exercise in Yangon, Myanmar on 12-14 June 2019.  One of the outputs is the gap analysis report intended to identify areas of improvement for which Thailand will provide further technical advisory services and assistance, as part of the agreement reached at the 4th Regional Skills Technical Working Group meeting which was held in Manila, the Philippines on 10-11 July 2018.  It is anticipated that Thailand's Working Group will continue to provide technical support through training workshops in strengthening the respective national competency and skills standards, assessment and certification mechanisms to be comparable with the standards in Thailand.  The concept note, agenda and photos of this mission is accessible from the relevant "Events" page.


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