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Reform of Vocational Teacher Education in Thailand

Regional Cooperation Platform (online), 20 June 2013 - The Thailand Ministry of Education has accepted a reform proposal on vocational teacher education as outlined by Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyburi, in close collaboration with Burapha University. The reform proposal has been based on the results of common research conducted by the two leading universities, supported by the Regional Cooperation Platform for Vocational Teacher Education and Training in Asia (RCP).

During the research process a modified Delphi technique was applied in order to establish consensual opinion between the 17 national experts from the field of vocational teacher education in Thailand. Stakeholders were hereby represented from industry, state and education. The national panel was obtained by purposive sampling from 3 groups as users and providers of vocational teachers as well as the use of quality assurance and professional standards.

The reform framework and its policy suggestions on vocational teacher education reform in Thailand was presented and discussed openly in a public hearing broadcast on public television. Clear explanations are openly available on Facebook in Thai and English.

The policy suggestions on VTE in Thailand feature 3 mainstream ideas; the first is to establish a national organization to solve mismatch problems between the demands and suppliers of VTE – both in terms of quality and quantity. The second is to standardize production and developmental systems, in terms of qualification frameworks at national and regional levels that link to remuneration systems. Furthermore, the organization of learning processes in vocational teacher education must focus on the development of competences and experiences in the real in-company workplace.

Author: Asst Prof Dr Sirilak Hanvatananukul

Download the Draft of Policy Suggestions:

The Vocational Teacher Education Reform in Thailand: Draft of Policy Suggestions [PDF]


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