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Strategy to improve higher education

The Fiji Times (online), 5 September 2017 - THE Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) is in the process of finalising the Fiji higher education strategy which will hopefully be implemented from later this year until 2021.

Commission chairperson Dr Milika Sobey said the strategy set forth three priorities and two interwoven strategic themes.

Dr Sobey said priority one was aimed at improving access and equity.

"Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) will be required to provide information on relevant programs of study, bridging programs for potential career pathways and distance modes of learning available to students," she said.

"Special provisions will be made for groups and locations that are disadvantaged like early school leavers, under-employed, people living with disabilities and those in rural areas.

"Priority two is to develop linkages to employment and HEIs will be encouraged to work with employers so that programs offered promote work readiness and the learning of soft skills that will allow graduates to secure employment or be self-employed.

"Data will be made available on supply and demand for the various industries so that students can make informed choices about higher education options."

Dr Sobey said the third priority focused on strengthening the Higher Education System.

"The development of the Fiji Qualifications Framework will continue to be a priority and the allocation of resources to infrastructure development and upskilling of staff in HEIs," he said.

"These three priorities will depend on establishing strategic partnerships both locally and internationally, developing a culture of learning.

"For the successful implementation of these HEIs, the system has to be learner-centric.

"The strategy will be driven by the commission through its function of quality assurance, through it acting as a liaison body between employers and HEIs and through the strengthening of the Fiji Qualifications Framework."


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