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Thailand and Singapore keen to develop vocational education together

National News Bureau of Thailand, Bangkok, 19 December 2013 - Thailand and Singapore have agreed to urgently develop vocational education and the use of ICT in teaching. Thai Education Minister Chaturon Chaisaeng said the ministry would join hands with the private sector in designing curriculums to meet demands better.

After meeting with his Singaporean counterpart on Wednesday, Mr Chaturon said he had led the ministry’s officials to Singapore to discuss the two countries’ educational cooperation with a focus on vocational education and ICT in teaching. Thailand would send teachers to train in Singapore and observe how Singaporean teachers used ICT in classroom, the minister said.

The continuing educational projects jointly developed by the two countries include the Thai-Singaporean Partner School, student exchange programs, teacher training and other academic activities.

Mr Chaturon said what needed to be done urgently was to cooperate with the private sector in creating curriculums, training and assessments which met the needs of businesses. Thailand would utilize Singapore’s knowledge and experience since the country was very successful in managing vocational education in the same way that Thailand set to follow, the minister said.

Mr Chaturon’s counterpart told him that Singapore was facing the same problem as Thailand on low popularity of vocational education. Singapore was tackling the problem by asking universities to adjust their curriculums to be oriented towards vocational education more, he said.


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