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Training models for employment in the digital economy

— theme: Productivity and skills
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Results for Development Institute (R4D) - 2012. "R4D has released a report on training models for employment in the digital economy, prepared with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. With the total size of the digital economy estimated to be about $20.4 trillion in 2013 according to the International Data Corporation, the report examines skill needs for employability. Demand-led training models to boost youth employment in this sector are also examined, with ten case studies illustrating particularly promising techniques."

Results for Development Institute (R4D)
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"Our research finds that successful models incorporate a mix of training in general skills and ICT-specific skills:  general skills training includes soft skills development and English language skills, while ICT training is a mix of technical skills that is dependent on the job sector. We also see that post-training job placement is prioritized, and in order to reach scale, many programs are public-private partnerships, with financing and training provided by the public and private sectors respectively.

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