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TVET@Asia: Issue 2, December 2013

— theme: TVET system
— country: Asia, Pacific
— type: Journal Articles

Online Journal - December 2013. Online journal for scientists and practitioners in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Vocational Teacher Education (VTE) in the East and Southeast- Asian region.

Editors: Thomas Schröder, Paryono, Gwang-Chol Chang & Xiao Feng
Publishing Year


Collaborative regional research as a basis for policy recommendations and educational reform in Asia and the Pacific

Anticipating ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Regional initiatives on human resources development and recognition of professional qualifications

Developing standards of vocational teacher at bachelor level in Lao PDR

An extensive model for implementing APEL and quality assurance in TVET teacher training system for South East Asia

Occupational competence needs analysis as a basis for TVET curriculum development

Cooperative, regional development and implementation of new Curricula in Vocational Teacher Education – experiences and reflections

Vocational educational science

Approaches towards enhanced praxis-orientation in vocational teacher education (VTE)

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