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Workshop : Apprenticeship in the informal economy in Africa (including list of presentations)

— theme: Apprenticeships and traineeships
— country: Other Regions
— type: Meeting Reports

ILO - 2007. The Skills and Employability Department has organized a workshop which brought together experts from ILO, academics and development agencies to discuss apprenticeship as a main provider of skills and competences in the informal economy. It identified critical issues and policy challenges with regard to skills development and decent work. Furthermore, experts shared knowledge and lessons learnt in the West Africa region on effective policies and best practice to upgrade and improve apprenticeship systems. The workshop thus contributed to fostering and informing the policy debate on apprenticeship in the informal economy and discussed apprenticeship as an entry point for ILO activities in the informal economy and Decent Work Country Programmes.

ILO’s Department of Skills and Employability
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Presentations from the work shop

  1. Apprenticeship in the informal economy in Africa: J.- M. Salazar - Keynote Presentation
  2. New challenges for informal apprenticeship and its potential to adjust (p.1-4, 12-14) H.-C. Haan
  3. Apprenticeship - A multidimensional approach - I. Nübler
  4. Social protection in apprenticeship -E. Reynaud
  5. Issues and challenges of informal apprenticeship in Africa - a skills perspective - C. Hofmann
  6. Child Labour - The perspective of IPEC - P. Quinn
  7. A potential role for microfinance - J. Breyer
  8. Issues and Challenges from the perspective of the entrepreneur - K. Haftendorn
  9. Apprenticeship training: Model and challenges in Benin, Mali and Burkina Faso -T. Haidara
  10. Apprenticeship systems in Africa – Reference systems, project experiences & lessons learnt - E. Grunwald
  11. IPEC programs addressing apprenticeship in Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana - L. Salakana
  12. Approaches to make apprenticeship in Niger more decent and more effective - C. Joussein
  13. The rural enterprise project in Ghana (p.5-11) - H.-C. Haan
  14. The vocational skills and informal sector support project (VSP) in Ghana - R. Palmer
  15. Apprenticeship systems in the West African region: An institutional framework - S. Buckup
  16. Dual apprenticeships in the informal sector: The case of Benin, Togo and Senegal - R. Walther
  17. Policies and strategies to improve the institutional framework for informal apprenticeship training: The case of Ghana - R. Palmer
  18. Apprenticeship training in Mali today - T. Haidara
  19. Apprenticeship in the informal economy: The continuous Apprenticeship Programme in Egypt 2002-2006 - A.-A. Boutaleb
  20. Knowledge gaps and research questions: Informal apprenticeship in Ghana - R. Palmer

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