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E-Discussion: Rural Skills Development

The online discussion on Rural Skills Development took place from 20 to 31 May 2013. The discussion was hosted and moderated by the ILO Regional Skills Programme: our moderators were Akiko Sakamoto, Senior Skills and Employability Specialist based in the ILO Country Office for the Philippines, and Paul Comyn, ILO Specialist on Vocational Training & Skills Development, based in the Decent Work Team for South Asia.

Questions considered during the discussion:

  1. How can we extend training opportunities to reach out rural areas? (should more public training institutions be built in rural areas? Would working with non-formal providers [e.g. rural area based community organizations, or NGOS] be a solution? How about mobile or technology solutions?)

  2. What kinds of skills are needed to support the development of rural communities and economy?

  3. What are measures to encourage women, young people and disadvantaged groups in rural areas to take up training?

  4. What are the key success factors for improving access to skills training in rural areas?

  5. What are some good examples of how training services are delivering formally recognised skills in rural areas (e.g. mobile training schemes, peer training approaches, etc.)?

  6. What are some good examples of how distance/blended learning and mobile phone services can deliver skills training in rural areas? 

  7. What are good examples of how agricultural extension services have been integrated with formal skills training programs to deliver nationally recognised training to farmers and farm workers?

  8. How can skills training in rural areas lead to better and advanced skills for the beneficiaries?


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