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— country: Australia, Pacific

Contact No.
1800 464 800
PO Box 1764, Osborne Park DC, WA 6916

JobAccess is an information and advice service funded by the Australian Government. It offers help and workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers. JobAccess is an initiative of the Australian Government to support the employment of people with disability.

JobAccess includes a comprehensive, easy to use web site and a free telephone information and advice service where you can access confidential, expert advice on the employment of people with disability.
About the JobAccess web site.

Its web site has been designed to provide information developed specifically for employers, job seekers and employees with disability, co-workers of people with disability and Australian Government employment service providers. It has step by step guides and checklists on recruitment, job searching, adjusting a workplace, employer incentives, understanding rights and responsibilities at work and much more.

You can browse the web site at your leisure or use the site search to explore information on particular disabilities or disability-related employment issues.

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