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280,000 teachers to get IT training

BGD news - May 22, 2011. "Altogether 280,000 teachers will get IT training, the education minister has told parliament. "

"On the first day of the ninth session on Sunday, Nurul Islam Nahid said a plan was underway to establish IT Training and Resource Centres in 128 Upzailas of the country for this purpose.

"As part of measures to create 'Digital Bangladesh', computer science and technical education is being prioritised in the curriculum," Nahid said.

"Ten polytechnic institutes will be set up in the districts that don't have them," he added.

In reply to a question, the minister said the government is not taking any immediate steps to stop students doing drugs.

"However, campaigns are ongoing. Parents need to be more conscious of the issue," he said.

Nahid said the government had appointed 52,000 teachers so far, among whom 10,000 were children of freedom fighters.

"Another 3,500 freedom fighters' descendants will be appointed within the next one and a half months," he said. "


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