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Introduction to RSS and feeds available on this site.

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) can notify you of any new content published on our website.

To use RSS, you need an RSS feed “reader”. These are widely available on the Internet and easy to install on your desktop. Alternatively you can read feeds on-line using Google Reader.

If you are new to RSS, learn more about readers here.

If you have a reader, subscribe to an APMagNet  RSS feeds by clicking on the orange “RSS” button rss logo and copy the URL into your feed reader. Some readers allow you to drag and drop the orange button. The RSS button is also located on the top of various resource listing pages on APMagNet, as well as forums.

If you are maintaining a website or blog, you can also incorporate these feeds to show the latest news and resources from APMagNet on your website.

Available feeds

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