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Skills for Green Jobs in Bangladesh

— theme: Productivity and skills
— country: Bangladesh
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The major challenge of the labour market in Bangladesh is that the economy needs to grow progressively in line with the 7th Five-Year Plan (FYP) target of raising the average annual growth rate to 7.4 per cent from its current 6 per cent in order to absorb all the additional labour force, including many of the underemployed, in about 15 years (by 2030). According to the 7th FYP, this growth will be inclusive, pro-poor, and environmentally sustainable. The economy needs to attain job-rich growth, with high employment growth being achieved along with high output growth. This is a great challenge because of the recent experiences of (i) manufacturing, in which employment growth has exceeded output growth, and (ii) construction, in which employment growth has been negative despite positive output growth. This requires a genuine structural transformation of the economy through much more diversified growth in general and manufacturing in particular. A major challenge is to raise labour productivity and wages in manufacturing. Separate strategies are needed for both the employed and the self-employed.

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