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Skills for Green Jobs in India

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With an ecological footprint double its biocapacity it is imperative for a country like India to be able to sustain the well-being of its people and natural capital. Hence the current need to bring about economic reforms that steer India in the direction of a green economy. The transition to green and inclusive economies has been long deliberated and initiated at both national and global levels; however, the current domestic and international landscape has created an opportune moment to accelerate it. India has recently made two major global commitments: the 2030 Global Development Agenda (popularly known as the Sustainable Development Goals) and ratification of the Paris Agreement which aims for the holistic well-being of all, today and in the future, without surpassing the natural boundary limits of the environment. India has also made some landmark changes to its approach of development. Some of these include fiscal federalism, and a move from a fiveyear planning model to a fifteenyear development planning model at national level. In this era of reflections, promises and commitments relating to sustainable development and climate change, the green economy concept is an exciting approach that interlinks economic growth with human development and environmental sustainability.

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